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Conference Theme: Thriving in changing times

With change comes opportunity to assess current practices and decide where we can benefit from introducing new systems, praxis and initiatives. 2018 sees us amidst changing times with new ELICOS legislation and an updated National Code, an increasing abundance of tech possibilities and teaching innovations as well as the ever shifting expectations and needs of students entering our courses. Now is a critical moment to capitalize on this powerful momentum and ensure we use it to thrive as a sector.

Change means different things from different perspectives and to different people. English Australia hopes to address these perspectives, and more, at its 2018 Conference:

Sector-wide: How can we leverage a new legislative landscape to ensure a cycle of continuous improvement and implement change where necessary? How do we ensure we are abreast of international policy and market developments and use these to our strategic advantage? How can we create more diversity in our student cohorts by exploring new market opportunities and recruitment methods?

Institutions: How can ELICOS institutions guide staff through change in a responsible and inclusive way? How are we embracing the shifting profiles of teachers at our institutions? How do institutions rise to the challenge of prioritising pressing issues such as student mental health difficulties and providing holistic support? How are we preparing for possible disruptions that could see change arrive very suddenly?

Students: What observations are teachers making about the changing profiles and needs of students and how are they meeting these? What is the best way to meaningfully incorporate emerging technology into our courses and feel confident we have enhanced student outcomes and motivation? How are teachers injecting change into their classrooms by incorporating innovations in language teaching and learning?

Individuals: How can we use change as a motivating tool and to avoid stagnation? How do we develop flexibility so that we are responsive to change and open to new ideas? How can we keep up with new areas in professional development and utilise these for growth? How can we prepare ourselves for new roles and acquire the skills and knowledge we need for these?

Thriving in changing times

The English Australia Conference is the ‘must attend’ event for everyone working in or associated with the English language sector of international education (ELICOS sector).

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